Book Release ‘Ethical Concerns in Research on Human Trafficking’

Ethical Concerns in Research on Human TraffickingDina Siegel and Roos de Wildt have published an edited volume entitled Ethical Concerns in Research on Human Trafficking. The book offers solutions to some of the ethical dilemmas that researchers face when studying disadvantaged, vulnerable and victimized populations.

Ethical codes prescribe that the scholar should in all circumstances avoid potential harm, that informed consent is necessary, and that the limits of confidentiality should always be respected. However, in the practice of research among women involved in prostitution, illegal immigrant workers, enslaved children, people who sell their organs and all the traffickers thereof, the ethical rules cannot always be followed.

This book shows that there is a surprising variety of approaches to dealing with ethical dilemmas in the field. Authors reflect on concrete experiences from their own fieldwork in a wide variety of settings, such as the USA, Singapore, Kosovo and The Netherlands. Some choose to work on the basis of conscientious partiality, others negotiate the rules with their informants, and still others purposely break the rules in order to disclose and damage the exploiters.

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