How do we select successful applicants?

For each application round the DCGC Selection Committee is appointed specially by the Academic Board of Studies, and will include at least one member from each consortium partner. The Committee will evaluate applicants in a six-stage process.

(1) An initial collective decision on the eligibility of applicants.
(2) An initial quantitative scoring of eligible applications conducted by all four partners. At this stage a further ineligibility judgement is possible.
(3) A discussion of the eligible applications by the Selection Committee, thus adding qualitative evaluations to the quantitative scores.
(4) A short-listing decision for interview.
(5) Interview of short-listed applicants by Skype. The interview will be structured on the basis of agreed and common questions and scoring criteria. At least three members of the selection committee will participate in each interview.
(6) Selection Committee discussion leading to the identification of successful applicants who will be offered a place on the DCGC programme in this round.

The overall evaluation of applications combines, first, a quantitative scoring of key application documents; second, a discussion of the applications by the Selection Committee where qualitative considerations will make an important contribution; and, finally, interview. The initial quantitative scoring will take account of

  • the Research proposal (50%),
  • the letter of motivation/purpose (20%),
  • the CV plus grading of degrees and transcript marks (20%), and
  • the quality of the written expression (10%).

The quantitative scores, together with qualitative judgement by the Selection Committee, will contribute to subsequent stages of the evaluation.


Appeals will only be considered if the applicant believes there has been a failure in the admissions procedure or that they have been discriminated against unlawfully. All appeals should be made in writing to the DCGC coordinator, unless the appeal is regarding the coordinator, in which case the written appeal should be directed to the DCGC Management Board. Any appeal will be accorded thorough consideration and will normally be addressed within 28 days of receipt. Where an appeal does not produce the outcome sought by the applicant, reasons should be given for any decision. DCGC staff are encouraged to acknowledge when an error has been made and to take steps to ensure that similar problems do not arise in future.

Please note that due to the requirements of data protection, the DCGC Academic Board of Studies will only correspond on any issue regarding an application with the applicants themselves, unless the applicant has provided written permission for the DCGC consortium to discuss it with another person.

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