Candidates’ rights

ecrIn line with good practice and in accordance with the European Charter and Code for Researchers, the consortium will issue a Fellowship Contract to DCGC candidates to in order to ensure equitable and adequate social security provision. This contract ensures pension provision, health care, travel and accident insurance, parental and adoption leave, holiday, etc. Kent will issue the contract on behalf of the consortium and candidates will be subject to the terms and conditions, as well as the rights and responsibilities, of this contract for the full duration of their registration (36 months).

Kent will further be responsible for the transfer of funds, in Euros, to the Fellowship holders on a monthly basis. A proportion of the gross sum will be deducted in support of the social security provision. Kent will also pay travel and other costs directly to the fellows.

Successful and timely progression in the production of the doctoral thesis is important and it will be incumbent upon supervisors in each of the consortium institutions to provide the Academic Board of Studies with reports and documentation on the satisfactory progress and commitment of the fellowship holders studying at their institutions. The Fellowship Contract includes provisions for terminating the award in cases where a candidate fails to progress successfully or who chooses to leave or is excluded from the doctoral programme for whatever reason.

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