A Not-so-Common Session in NYC

The Common Session in Critical Criminology took place in New York City last week at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice and the City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate Center.

Given its theme – “Looking Forward: Resistance, Repression, and Possibility” – the conference grappled with the role of critical criminology in the age of “forty-five” (the very apt sobriquet for a president who has a pathological need to externalize his surname, preferably in big gold letters).

True to the theme, conference attendees participated in the sporadic protests organized in anticipation of forty-five’s first return to his hometown since his inauguration, the same day that House Republicans voted to give the rich a tax cut at the expense of healthcare for the poor.

IMG_20170504_1839088Protests near Trump Tower

A torrential downpour on Friday caused part of the roof in the conference room to collapse, fortunately without incurring injuries.

Despite the rain and Republicans, the conference did end on a positive note with live music and good company to wrap up the 65th session in critical criminology.

Thanks go to the staff and grad students at John Jay’s and CUNY who made it happen.

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